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Anonymous said: any way to get a kelly meet n greet in the uk without kellebrities?

Occasionally a couple of radio stations will do competitions with a meet and greet prize, but generally no. You have to get a meet and greet through her fanclub. 

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"People Like Us" will be released on June 23rd in the UK!!! YAY!!!

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Anonymous said: what are some ways that I can get points fast on the kellebrities site? and whenever I try to do the stronger stories thing it says I have to log in but im already logged in, and when I press log in it just takes me back to like the home page. Do you know if Im doing something wrong or?


There isn’t a fast way of collecting points on the website and at the moment there’s a lot of problems with the website. When they updated the site with info on this year’s US tour, everything else seemed to stop working correctly and it’s still not been fixed. I can’t give you any advice other than to keep trying it and wait it out. You’re not the only fan with these issues so hang in there. Hopefully they will fix it sooner rather than later :)

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Kelly on TRL UK in 2006.

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Today, 31 years later, you’re still just as adorable!!!

Hope it’s a fantastic one!!!

Much love, from your UK fans <3

April 19, 2013 | 10:14 PM | 1 note

Anonymous said: any idea when kelly will next be in the uk

Sadly not, sorry! Hopefully she’ll be back for some promo for “People Like Us” in the near future, but right now there’s no news on her coming back here just yet. When we find out, we’ll let everyone know :) 

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There’s yet another article on Kelly’s size on page 18 of this weeks Heat Magazine.

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"Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)" was the 7th most played pop song of 2012 in the UK!


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Anonymous said: is ai repeated in the uk?

I don’t believe so. Sorry!

You can catch it online here though: Click

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For those who can’t wait to see it, or can’t tune in tonight, don’t worry! You can check it out here :)

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